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Welcome to, home to Andrew Burt. Aburt wears many hats, including computer science professor, writer, publisher, early Internet pioneer, founder of the first Internet service provider, former VP of SFWA, and founder of / Critters, the first writers' workshop on the web.

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Tools and Web Sites

  • / Critters Writers' Workshop, for writers and creators in all genres (of which I'm Founder & moderator). Critters was the first writers' workshop on the web and is free to use.

  • ReAnimus Press — a publisher, and offering ebook/print book production services. We work with leading names such as Ben Bova and Ursula K. Le Guin, offering the highest royalty rates of any publisher (for professional authors) and cost-effective services such as scanning, OCRing, ebook creation, cover art, etc. (free for professional authors).

  •, the world's first Internet service provider, which I founded many moons ago (free, donation funded) — offers free web hosting / email / linux shell access / etc.

  • Aburt's Ultimate Loan Comparison Tool (Many, if not most, loan comparison tools leave out important variables that could cost you money. So I wrote an "ultimate" loan comparison tool for myself, and put it up to share with the world. Enjoy.)

  • Share photos, links, and announce onboard events for people taking cruises

  • Best Ever Written Readers' Poll — reading list of best works ever written — vote for your favorites

  • TechSoft -- if you need a custom web site or custom software for Windows or Linux (or non-custom, of course). We specialize in making computers do the (nearly) impossible.


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